Week 53: in which we fail as ninjas


Dear family and friends,

We’re in Coronel (about an hour an a half bus ride from Arauco) today to make sure Hermana Scholl stays legal, so I’m writing this from the first public library I’ve seen in a year. It feels good to be in a library; anyone who knows me knows that I’ve pretty much lived in the public and university libraries, so it feels like a bit of home. 😀


On Tuesday we had a pretty cool miracle. We planned and practiced to teach Lesson 1 [about the Restoration] to our investigator Carlos because we thought he had read that pamphlet. However, we started the lesson, and he pulled out Lesson 3 [about the Gospel] and started talking about what called his attention and how he felt about it. I looked at my companion and then at Carlos, stowed my Lesson 1 pamphlet, pulled out Lesson 3, and began teaching Lesson 3. I explained about faith, then passed it to my comp to teach repentance. We finished a fantastic lesson, he accepted a baptismal date!!, and we left. As we walked away, Hermana Scholl looks at me and says, “I’ve never taught that lesson in my life!” But she had studied it. We laughed and thanked Heavenly Father for giving us the words to say to help His son progress.


This week we tried a new way to find people to teach. Borrowing an idea from Hermana Custódio, we printed off some talks from Conference and left them on doorsteps in a street we had prayed about previously. On Saturday we went back to contact those houses and ask how they liked the talks. Well, the idea was to leave the talks without being seen, but it seemed like just as we got to the street, everyone was looking out their windows or leaving or fixing something in their car or coming home, which made it much more difficult to be invisible. Bueno…but we had fun trying to be inconspicuous and humming the Mission Impossible theme. Seems like a career as an FBI agent isn’t for me. 😛 I’ll just stick to editing or music therapy or something.  😝


This Sunday I felt so grateful that the church is the same in every part of the world, no matter in which city or country. We didn’t have an investigator that attended at our chapel, BUT Carlos went to church in Concepcion! He was well-received there by the missionaries and had a great experience. He couldn’t stay for all three hours, but he wanted to. He accepted a baptismal date this week as well, and he sincerely wants to do what God requires of him.


Well, that’s a bit of my week. I hope yours was also great and that you’ve found the  miracles in each day. I invite you all to read this talk [The Gift of Grace] on grace from Pres. Uchtdorf. I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever read and it helped me understand even better how God’s grace really changes my life.


Know that I love you all! God is watching over you all and is mindful of your needs. When you leave your room in the morning, don’t forget to pray.

Love from Chile,
Hermana Saunders