Week 52: in which I have a week of miracles


Dear family and friends,

It’s been another good week of challenges, learning, and growth. At a conference for trainers and trainees on Wednesday, Elder Sanchez from the office challenged me to write down seven miracles from this week and share them with you, so here they are:

1. As we contacted on Wednesday, we passed a house just as a woman was entering. I felt a subtle prompting to talk with her, so just as she closed the door, we called, “halo!” She let us in, and we talked with her and her mom. Her mom doesn’t live with her and didn’t accept another appointment, but she, Paola, is really great. We’re excited to teach this family. 😊
2. With half an hour left at the end of Thursday, we hadn’t found anyone nor had a lesson. Our back-up plans had fallen, as had our back-up back-up plans, so we prayed to know what to do. My companion thought of a lady who was in our list of investigators, but for the past three weeks, we haven’t had any idea who she was. We didn’t have a number, last name, or address, so we had basically given up trying to find her. This day, Hermana Scholl remembered that she had taught her during the first week of her training, and she was able to guide us to this lady, a very tired, faithful single mother of two. We had a great lesson with her and left grateful that God had shown us once again that He knows where His children are.
3. During weekly planning on Thursday, we called Carlos, an investigator we haven’t been able to see for a while. When I asked about his weekend, he said he’d gone to church while he was out of town! And he really enjoyed it! 😀
4. I had to fix some things with my Chilean ID card on Friday. It was a day when we were very short on proselyting time, so I worried that it would take forever in the PDI and the registro civil, but we finished everything in record time, and I even received help finding my wallet! (I haven’t found it yet, but now I know what I can do. :D)
5. Once again, we almost passed a house as we contacted on Saturday, but again I felt a very subtle impression to knock on the door. We found Karen and Horacio, siblings who are searching for the truth and are willing to do what it takes to find it. I felt the Spirit as we gave a brief introduction to the Restoration, and we left them with the commitment to read the first pamphlet.
6. On Sunday, two of our investigators came to church!! I was so happy to see them, in part because we haven`t been able to see them all week.
7. Also on Sunday, we had a lesson with Paola (from Wed), and her husband, Claudio, was there! He asked a lot of questions and shared that he also wanted to know how to know the truth for himself. I’m beginning to really like this couple, and they have a lot of great questions.

And a tender mercy: This week I’ve had cinnamon rolls, brigadero, and no-bake cookies in the two training meetings we’ve had this week. I haven’t had cinnamon rolls in more than a year, and they tasted SOO good. 😊😊  I love the desserts here, but not much can beat a really good, homemade cinnamon roll.

Hermana Scholl and I have had fun this week finding new ways to laugh and to contact. She still laughs at my bad jokes, so I guess she hasn’t gotten too tired of me yet. 😉 I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with her and for her example of patience.

I hope you all have a great week! Remember who you are!! And take the time to write down the little miracles in each day. I promise it will make your life a little bit happier as you realize God’s hand in your life.

Besitos y abrazos de Chile!

Hermana Saunders