Week 45: in which we have HAIL

Dear family and friends,

I do not and don’t think I ever can understand Chile’s weather. The other day was partly cloudy and windy when all of a sudden we had a random shower of HAIL. It was small hail, but still. 😛

We had planned on having a baptism scheduled for the end of this coming week, but whether the Lord has other plans or just allowed His child to use her agency, I don’t know. Lesli didn’t go to church yesterday, so her fecha fell. She says that she still wants to get baptized, but she doesn’t feel ready. We’re working to help her better recognize how the Spirit speaks to her, and the experience has helped realize even more that the gospel is a foreign language to some.

As we move into the second half of the cambio, I’m working hard to not be sad that I probably won’t be here when my investigators get baptized. One family in specific makes me sad because they are just so good. The other night we passed by to see how they were and to ask for the bathroom. Lorenzo, who’s 9, was on his way out to play soccer, but he said, “But now that you’re here I’ll stay for a few minutes more.” He’s always excited to see us, and he’s really good at keeping his commitments. One of the hardest parts of the mission is falling in love with the people but being with them for such a short time.

Miracles!! We were finally able to have a cita with an investigator who’s been hard to catch because of work, and he accepted a baptismal date!! Rafael really wants to improve his relationship with God and become a better person. When we first started teaching him, he was super hesitant to accept a baptismal date and didn’t want to pray in front of people, but this past week he did both!! It’s cool to see his genuine desire to change and become better. Anther cool miracle is that more and more less-active families are coming to church, and some of them I honestly thought would never again step foot in the church.

Hermana Custódio and I have done a lot of introspection this past week and have talked a lot about how we can improve our teaching so that our investigators progress, and it’s been great to see how the revelation has come from truly seeking the guidance of our Heavenly Father. He knows His children and He knows what they need. We’re excited for this week to put into practice the changes and ideas we want to make. I’m also so thankful for a companion that really strives to be better every day and works hard. Hermana Custódio and I have lot of fun together. 😀

Fun thing about this ward: they love the missionaries. 😀 Hermana Liz from our ward knit really cool, warm scarves for me and my companion. It’s wonderful to feel the love of the ward members and to be able to serve them. As I’ve served them, I’ve been able to feel even more the love that God has for them, His children.

That’s all for this week! I hope this e-mail finds you all warm and toasty. 😝  Know that God loves you and wants to hear from you. Don’t forget to pray, and remember who you are!

Lots of love,
Hermana Saunders