Week 40: in which the Hermanas get shot

Dear family and friends,

*ahem* SHOTS. Sorry, forgot the last “s” in the title. 😝 We’re fine and newly vaccinated against the flu. Yay for flu season!

I get more excited as we get closer to the weekend of Lorena’s baptism. (IT’S ON SATURDAY!!) She’s excited as well and so sure of her decision. It’s been a privilege to be a part of her conversion process. Her story is also evidence that even if you don’t understand everything perfectly, what you do know and the quiet confirmation of the Holy Ghost is enough to guide you on the right path. She’s shown so much faith in her preparation, and I’m so glad that she also has the support of Gabriel.

On Thursday we had our regular transfer interviews with President and Hermana May. I am so grateful for such wonderful leaders, for their love, dedication, and counsel. Plus, Hermana May makes incredible chocolate chip cookies that she brings to every interview. 😄

On Saturday we had a wonderful miracle. During the zone attack last week, the hermanas found Martin, the 9-year-old grandson of an inactive member. He said he wanted to be baptized, but when we visited him for the first time, he didn’t seem to have any kind of family support: his parents didn’t want to listen, and his grandma had no interest in returning to the church. This week we prayed that his parents would listen because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have the support he needed to progress, and we wouldn’t be able to teach him. When we went to the lesson on Saturday, his parents stopped what they were doing and participated in the lesson! They don’t understand the gospel very well yet, but they want to keep listening. Their progress might be a little slow, but I know they felt the Spirit while we were with them, and they want to know more. I love teaching families!

Although Hermana Lange is preparing to go home, we’ve been working harder than ever. I’m grateful for her work ethic and for the example she is to me. I feel like we’ve learned a lot from each other, and she’s helping me break some bad habits as well. I’ve learned a lot about communication and applying and relying on the Atonement, and I’m grateful for the growth I’ve seen in this past transfer. I’ve really tried to apply the counsel in Ether 12 to rely on God to make our weaknesses our strengths. Sometimes I feel frustrated because, progress-wise, I feel like I’m doing the cha-cha: one step forward, two steps back. But that frustration doesn’t come from God, nor is it helpful. Instead I’m learning to accept that I’m still going to have a hard time, but I can still work hard and do better–maybe not perfectly, but better–the next time. I know that the promise of the atonement is real and that God gives us second, third, fourth chances. He truly loves us, His children.

That’s it for this week! Remember who you are and whose you are. Be grateful for what you have and for the challenges that bring growth. And don’t forget to pray!

Love from Chile,
Hermana Saunders