Week 38: in which lots of cool things happen :D

Dear family and friends,

Gabriel got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday! He came to church in his suit and tie, and he looked like a future stake president. 😀 I’m so happy and grateful to be part of his conversion process. And his girlfriend, Lorena, accepted a baptismal date on Thursday! She says that she’s been searching for real personal change, changes that never came from confessions or reciting. In the gospel is the only place she’s really felt a change of heart, and she wants to really feel forgiven. Both she and Gabriel want to raise a family within the church. The Spirit was so strong in that lesson, and I’m so excited for the great family they’ll become.


Friday was a pretty incredible day. I can now say that I’ve had the chance to meet an apostle of the Lord! President Nelson and his wife came to Concepción on Friday to meet with the missionaries of the our mission and the Concepción Mission. I wish I had brought my notes so that I could share more thoughts with you, but it was an incredible conference. President Nelson and his wife and Elder Teixeira (of [the Quorum of] the Seventy) and his wife all spoke. P. Nelson spoke a lot about the Book of Mormon. He told us to mentally highlight the influence of the BoM in our lives, press “delete,” and think about what our lives would lack if we didn’t have the clarity and second witness of the Book of Mormon. Among the many things I’d lack is the knowledge that children who die without baptism are saved in Christ; that God spoke–and speaks–to all of His children, in every part of the world; and that I can be forgiven and made new through the atonement of Christ. How precious this knowledge is! I invite you all to do this same activity and then make the commitment to making scripture study a priority. ¿Lo harán? 😉


On Wednesday we were in the house almost all day because of the 2017 Censo. It’s a law in Chile that you can’t leave until you’ve been counted, so we took advantage of that time to deep clean the apartment. We found some pretty neat stuff, including a couple sparkly party hats. 😀 The great thing about deep-cleaning in the fall is the lack of spiders lurking in the corners.

Every day I’m so grateful for the opportunity and great privilege of being a missionary in Chile. Not every day is bright sunshine, and not everyone wants to talk to the friendly neighborhood gringas, but the opposition makes the sunshine and converts all the more sweet. I’m also grateful for the principle of continuous progress; I’ve got a lot to work on, but what a blessing to know I’m not doing it alone! I know that I–and every single one of you–have my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ cheering me on, as well as loved ones here and there.

That’s all for this week! Know that I love you all! Remember that you are a beloved child of your Heavenly Father, and His work and glory is your eternal happiness and salvation. How does that make you feel?

Be safe. Be smart. Be kind. And be grateful!

Love from Chile,
Hermana Saunders

P.S. I wanted to share a bit of wisdom I found in a bus stop bathroom last week: “Sometimes God doesn’t change your situation because what he wants to change is your HEART.” Probably the most inspirational graffiti I’ve seen. 😉 How very true. 🙂