Week 32: in which the rain rain rain comes down down down

Dear family and friends,

On Wednesday we had a gran intercambio whitewash, in which the companionships were all mixed up and sent to different sectors in the zone. It was kinda cool, but it rained. All. Day. Makes one very grateful for a good coat. 😛


It’s been a good week. I enjoy working with Hermana Lange: she’s the definition of a consecrated missionary and a great example to me. She’s strong in many areas in which I am weak, and vice versa, and we’re both learning to be more patient with the weaknesses of the other. We had several lessons this week that were incredible because we were united in our teaching and because we practiced. We had the incredible opportunity to meet Nikolas, his mom Veronica, and Gabriel and his pareja Lorena. They are simply incredible people and the perfect example of how God prepares the hearts of the people. Gabriel’s eyes grew wide when we told him that there’s a living prophet, and on Sunday he LOVED the Gospel Principles class, in which we talked about prophets. In our first lesson with him and his girlfriend, he told us that we had already given him answers to all of his doubts. And Nikolas and Veronica have been looking for this message for a long time. The Spirit was so strong in both lessons as we testified that God has once again revealed His perfect gospel to bless His children. Veronica and Nikolas weren’t able to go to church this week, but they’re committed to go as a family this next week. I love the opportunity to be a part of their conversion. It’s truly beautiful. And we found 12 new people to teach this week! Three cheers for the guidance of our Heavenly Father!!

Veronica and Nikolas are also evidence that we shouldn’t give up on people. It took several weeks before we could finally get an appointment with Veronica; I met her for a couple minutes with Hermana Nielson, but since then we weren’t able to actually get ahold of her. But we kept passing by, and I’m so glad we did because now they have the opportunity to hear and accept this marvelous message.

This week I saw the promise fulfilled that our mouths will be filled as we open them as well as the essentialness of the Spirit. Before, I thought that I would know what to say BEFORE I opened my mouth, but I realized that I will be given the words AS I open my mouth. In the lessons with Gabriel and Veronica, it was an incredible feeling to know exactly what to say and to have this incredible synergy with my companion. I didn’t worry about what to say before, I just talked, and the words came to me. It was so cool!

In my personal studies, I studied about how to become a better teacher. I thought about all of the great teachers I’ve had in church, and I realized that despite different teaching methods, they all did one important thing: they created an environment of learning that invited the Spirit to teach. I’m trying to implement that more in my teaching and be more conscious of what Elder Packer called the “manners of the Spirit.” I know that as I do that, my investigators will be taught more personally and receive their own testimonies.

I’d like to leave you all with a quote from President Hinkley: “You can’t, you don’t build out of pessimism or cynicism. You look with optimism, work with faith, and things will happen.” I love that. Pessimism just gives me a headache and makes me depressed, which is exactly what Satan wants. Guys, God is real. He is mindful of every single one of your challenges, and He’s helping you through them. If you’re facing a wall that seems insurmountable, ask for His help, and then “look with optimism” and “work with faith.” I promise that you will find the tools and strength necessary to overcome every challenge. You CAN do it!! I testify of the great power of the Atonement when we accept it.

Be grateful, be smart, be clean, be true, be humble, be faithful. God’s on your side.

I love you all!

Hermana Saunders