Week 30: in which the hermanas take the cake

Dear family and friends,

We waited anxiously by the phone as we waited to know transfers Saturday night. I was a little sad–but not really surprised–when we found out that Hermana Nielson is headed to another zone to be with–here’s the surprise–Hermana Clark, my companion from the CCM!! 😀 And Hermana Lange, who was Hermana Nielson’s companion in the CCM, will be MY new companion! And now all of my companions are or have been companions with each other. Que locito el mundo. 😀

This week I had the marvelous opportunity to attend two baptisms, one of the daughter of a member, and the other of the elders’ investigator, Benjamin. Benja’s baptism was literally a miracle; for a long time, his dad was so against him getting baptized (his mom’s a member), but he finally saw how much Benja truly wanted it and how much it meant to him. Both baptisms were beautiful, and I was honestly bursting with joy to see two more children of God make covenants with him and enter the gate to so many more eternal blessings. I also had the opportunity to play the hymns for both baptisms; it wasn’t perfect, but I love being able to share what I can. 😀

We promised Benja that we would bring cupcakes to his baptism (his grandma set up this huge table with refreshments afterwards), so on Friday night we made cupcakes with his grandma. It was fun because cupcakes were a new idea to her, so we got to show her something new. 😀 We finished frosting them the next morning, and they were a hit at the baptism. Score two for the hermanas!

English classes were interesting this week. We had a great lesson with the two people that showed up on Wednesday, and then I had a great time practicing for the baptism when nobody showed up on Saturday. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to bring more people to the classes, and maybe when school starts we’ll have more people.

I love this scripture I found in personal study one day: “…let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power: and then we may stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed” (Doctrine and Covenants 123:17). It was a good reminder for me when I felt a little like I was chasing my tail in the sector. I must work diligently and with a good attitude with the faith that, in God’s perfect timing, my work will bear fruit, and the people I meet may one day enjoy the “salvation of God.” I don’t have to see it now because I know that nothing I do is ever wasted.

Thursday was a great day with a conference with Elder Packer, the son of the former President Packer. I left with a ton of energy to work, and I’m grateful for what I learned.


I’m sad to send off Hermana Nielson tomorrow, and I’m grateful for the cambio we had together. I’m so grateful for companions; there’s safety in numbers, yes, but I’ve also learned so much from her. She’s a hard worker and really loves the people here. She’ll do great wherever she is. And I’m looking forward to this new adventure with Hermana Lange. 😬

I’ll leave you with a quote from Tuesday’s district meeting: “People are rewarded in public for things they’ve practiced for years in private.” (can’t remember who said that…) Maybe not everyone can see how you’ve progressed over the days, months, years, but rest assured that your Heavenly Father always can, and it makes Him so happy to see that.

Until next week! Be safe, be smart, be kind. And remember who you are!!

Lots of love,
Hermana Saunders


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  1. You are such an inspiration. I know Heavenly Father is very pleased with your service. Take care and stay strong.❤


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