Week 20: In which Hermana Saunders builds a temple

Dear friends and family,

I’ve had some really great moments this week. On Wednesday the entire mission got together for our Christmas devotional, and it was fantastic! We had a really beautiful musical devotional, and this time it was my turn to be part of the audience and enjoy the magic of the music. (It’s difficult to sing with a cold. Stupid change of weather. But I’m better now. 🙂 ) We were gone all day because the chapel where we met was two hours away. We played Mafia in the bus on the way there and back. It was fun. 😀

On Wednesday I learned that when we set a goal with faith and do our best to reach it, Heavenly Father will help us meet it. During daily planning on Tuesday, we couldn’t confirm any appointments for Wednesday because we didn’t know what time we would get home. But I wanted to make a goal of at least one referral received because even if we weren’t in our sector, we could receive a phone call or one from the office. As we were walking to our apartment from the bus stop, we received a call from a member in Maquehue, who had a reference for us! We wrote down the reference and were able to make an appointment for later this week. I know that Heavenly Father saw our faith and that when we do all we can to reach a worthy goal, Heavenly Father does His part too.

We spent a lot of time contacting, and we met a few really great prospective investigators. One is Daphne; we talked with her in the street and set an appointment for later this week! She’s very interested and remembers the missionaries passing by a few times when she was much younger.

This week was also evidence that God can use what seems to be an accident to work miracles. We’ve been looking for and working with part-member families, especially those of less-actives. Due to a mix-up of streets on Thursday, we found a sister who has been less-active for many years because she can’t walk to the church. Miracle! Her husband isn’t a member, but two of her grandchildren recently were baptized in a different ward, and we’re going to keep visiting her and her family.

Today we had an activity with the entire zone, all 22 missionaries. We built cookie houses, and in true missionary fashion, every team built a temple. 😛 But only ours had “Holiness to the Lord” on it. 😉


Every day I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this great work. I’m grateful that God sees all of our efforts and is always at my side as I sometimes stumble in my way. I love the quote, “Christ doesn’t make up the difference; He IS the difference.” Grace is such a marvelous gift, and I love this holiday to celebrate the reason I rejoice.

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you’ll remember the reason why the angels came with “good tidings of great joy.” Through Christ we have joy, peace, and “hope for a better world.” I love you all!

Hermana Saunders