Week 18: in which the Hermanas melt just a little

Dear family and friends,

The weather here is seriously loco. It’ll be cloudy and cold in the morning but in the high 80s in the afternoon. We’ve had some really hot days, and it seems like the temp is creeping into the 90s. Whoo. BUT on the plus side, summer means a wonderful abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, and just about every single person has some kind of fruit tree. Seriously, the fruit and veggies here are like candy. I am a very happy hermana. 🙂


This week Hermana Poyfair completed 11 months in the mission, Hermana Bazaes completed 6 months, and I completed 4! We celebrated with sushi on Wednesday, and Hermanas Poyfair and Alarcon bought cupcakes for Hermana B and me on Thursday. (There’s a cupcake shop in their sector that sells absolutely divine cupcakes. Great for the spirit, less for the waistline. 😉 )


This week, I learned a very important lesson about teaching people, not lessons. We’ve been a little frustrated with an investigator because every time we tried to teach her about the restoration, she would go off on some tangent, and we would completely lose the lesson. We spent about three weeks like this, and we wanted so badly for her to progress. Finally, this week we both felt like we should teach about the Plan of Salvation, not the Restoration. We changed our plans, and we were able to discover and answer many big questions that she and her daughter had. We had been talking for about a month, but we hadn’t really been listening or asking the right questions, and we had been trying to teach the wrong lesson. I’m really excited to teach her and her daughter, and I know they both can find great joy and peace in the gospel.

We had other miracles on Sunday. Daniela, the girlfriend of Miguelangelo, came to sacrament meeting! She doesn’t have much time on Sundays because she has to pick up her daughter from the campo, but she and Miguelangelo took the time for sacrament meeting, and she said she enjoyed it. Also, Ricardo, one of our newer investigators, asked us to call him to wake him up on Sunday morning, and he’s participating in mutual! I’m so happy to see our investigators grow in the gospel and find greater joy, hope, and peace. It is truly a great privilege.

In my studies, I’ve realized how much this gospel is one of peace. The principles of forgiveness, hope, faith, and patience allow us to leave behind the pain and craziness of this world and enjoy peace in Christ. And when we refuse to forgive, we can never feel real peace.

I have a million other things that I learned this week, and I’ve run out of time, but know that I love you all! Never forget that your Heavenly Father loves you perfectly and wants to hear from you. If you’re struggling, you can trust in the grace of Jesus Christ to carry you. Truly, through His grace, we can do all things.

Have a great week! Ciao for now!

Hermana Saunders

P.S. Hermana Bazaes is transferring. She’ll leave on Tuesday, and my new comp, Hermana Chavez, will be here on Tuesday afternoon. I’ve heard many good things about her. 🙂 I appreciate your prayers and am forever grateful for your support!