Week 17: in which time flies by waaay too quickly

Dear friends and family,

Time is weird in the mission. I can’t believe I’ve been out for almost exactly 4 months now, and this week I finish my training. Wow. Also, haircut! Courtesy of Hermana Alarcon, who learned on herself and her companion.


I learned a lot this week through challenges and interesting experiences. Wednesday was a hard day in terms of animo, and I was worried about a number of things. I asked the elders for a blessing of strength, and I felt more peace from that. I am so grateful for the priesthood and for the men who keep themselves worthy of it. I marvel that Heavenly Father entrusted this incredible power to imperfect men; it is truly a demonstration of His incredible love and trust.

I also learned that as little as one really good hour can make a seemingly blah and unproductive day totally worth it. Not much happened on Thursday; our appointments fell [through], and very few people opened the door. But in the last hour of the day, we encountered a less-active member that we’ve been trying to reach for a couple weeks, we had a great lesson with part of a family that we’re teaching, and we finally had a member-present lesson with Veronica. (This was a wonderful miracle because the member, Gladis, is a perfect match for Veronica, and her testimony is incredible. We’re so happy to finally introduce Veronica to a friend in the church!) Hermana Bazaes and I walked home that night happy and with much better animo.


Hermana Gladis also referred us to a friend and her family. We were able to visit this family, who is passing through a really hard time. They’ve had a lot of difficulties, and the father passed away about a year ago. They’re receptive and friendly, and I’m excited to bring this message of hope and peace to them.

Sunday was a good day. We were able to help a home-bound member decorate her house and left her with a little more light in her very difficult life. Also, Miguelangelo came to church! He said a lot of things were very new but that he liked it. We have an appointment with him and his girlfriend later in the week. We had a lesson in the night with Luis and Ema about the Plan of Salvation, and we were able to understand them and their needs better.

That’s about all for this week! I love you all! Keep your head up and rely on your Heavenly Father. Trust that He really does have everything in His hands, and He sees your incredible potential.

Hermana Saunders