Week 16: in which Hermana Saunders sweeps the court

Dearest friends and family,

This morning we played Quidditch with the zone. It was great. 😀 My team lost every single time, but we had fun. We only played with a “quaffle” because we obviously can’t have “bludgers” tackling everyone, but we still had great games and plenty of excitement. (Thankfully nobody broke anything other than a few brooms.)

In terms of numbers, this week was kinda slow, but the weekend was one of milagros! On Saturday, we were finally able to have a lesson with three of our investigators that we haven’t seen for a couple weeks. We’ve been praying to meet them, so every appointment and lesson we had on Saturday was an answer to our prayers.We’ve been especially worried about one of them, Veronica. We passed by her house almost every day for the past two weeks, but every time she was gone. So we said a specific prayer: we prayed that we would find her when we passed by at 7:30 on Saturday. And she was there! We weren’t able to have a lesson, but we were able to find out what happened and to set up a lesson for later in the week.


Our other plans fell through for Saturday, but Heavenly Father had other plans for this day. We passed by the house of an earlier contact, Ricardo. We were able to have a short lesson with him, and we discovered that he’s had a lot of pain in his life, so we’re really excited to share the joy and hope of the gospel. We invited him to come to church the next day, and he came! He slipped in right as we were singing the sacrament hymn, so he was able to enjoy the sacrament with us. Honestly, I am so excited to share with him. He’s truly searching for answers, answers I know he can find in the gospel.

Finally, on Sunday, we had a special lesson with one of our new families. They’re a sweet family, and the kids especially seem interested in the message. They’re interested in coming to church, but they can never promise because they are never sure how their Sundays will be. We’re planning a little Family Home Evening (where the family gets together to share spiritual thoughts and learn together. It’s great.) with them.

We met a really amazing sister on Tuesday. She’s been less-active for several months after she moved to Temuco, but she really wants to come back. She and her daughter are super sweet and spunky. Yara, the mom, was surprised when I said that I’ve been here for only three months. “But you have almost perfect Spanish!” she told me. I felt pretty good with that. 😀

On Wednesday we had a multi-zone conference, where three zones came together for training and talks. It was a really great experience, and I came away with a new resolve to work harder to be a better missionary. At the end of the conference, the missionaries who will go home within the next few months shared their testimonies. Watching them, 18 months (well, less than 15 now) felt like so little time. I’m going to try to enjoy every day. This is truly His work, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a small part of it.

I love you all! Remember that you are literally children of God, and he loves you more than you could know. He loves to hear your prayers, and He can help you with any question or difficulty. Keep your head up. Be safe, be kind, be smart.

Ciao until next week!
Hermana Saunders