Week 15: in which Hermana Saunders becomes a rich missionary

Dear family and friends,

Nah, mentira. But honestly, if I had a dollar for every person who asked me about or mentioned the [US’s] election in the past week, I would be a very rich Hermana Saunders. I think some people in Chile are more concerned about it that many people in the United States. I can only pray for our country.

This week our miracles were more in our finding experiences. We’ve been praying to find families to teach, and we spent most of this week contacting. This week we have seven new investigators, four of which are in the same family, and we encountered several families who, at the very least, accepted a return appointment. A less-active family came to church on Sunday, the first time together in many years. Hermana Bazaes and I were so excited to see them in the chapel, and I know God will bless them for the sacrifice they made to be there. Almost all of our appointments fell through this week, but I trust that “when the plans of men fall, the plans of God rise.” We weren’t able to teach many of our current investigators, but we had the opportunity to be sowers of seeds in many lives. I’m learning that while we are called to be “fishers of men,” part of our purpose is to be sowers of seeds as well, and both responsibilities are essential in this work, and it takes humility and diligence to be both.

On Monday the hermanas in our district went to Jack’s, an American restaurant in Temuco that is really good. It was so good to eat a true-blue American burger and brownies with ice cream. The only major difference between Jack’s and any restaurant in the US was that the TV was tuned to a soccer game instead of football. 😉


On Friday I had my second intercambio, in which I worked in my sector with Hermana Rowden, and Hermana Bazaes worked in another sector with Hermana Rico. I felt so much more confident with this intercambio than my first, and it helped that it wasn’t pouring rain this time. We didn’t get lost, and we had some really great contacts. Yay for finding families!

On Saturday the gringos had an interesting opportunity. An organization in Temuco hosted a Festival of the Nations, where people from different countries set up booths and talked about their respective countries. There were also dance performances from the different countries. (I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a swing dance performance for the US, but I figure very few people here even know what that is.) The owner of Jack’s asked the gringo missionaries to come and man the United States booth. We spent a few hours answering questions and talking about the US with the people who passed by. Most people asked about Hawaii and Disney World, which I know almost nothing about, but it was still pretty cool. AND we even found a few new people to teach! We weren’t allowed to share anything about the church unless people asked specifically about us, but a few people did ask, so that was great. 😀 Also, for our service on Saturday, we get a free burger at Jack’s today. Wahoo!!


My friends, I know that God loves each of you very much. It’s such a blessing to be able to share this love with the people of Temuco. Trust your Heavenly Father, and pray to Him. He wants to hear from you. Keep your head up, be kind, and remember who you are!

I love you all!

Ciao until next week.
Hermana Saunders