Week 14: In which Hermana Saunders earns her stripes

Dearest family and friends,

So the weather is really weird here. We’re approaching summer, but the weather is very confused. For half of some days, it’s cloudy and about 60 degrees, and then for the other half, the clouds disappear and it shoots up to about 82. Or one day it’s cloudy with a chance of rain, and the next it’s all SUN. (Don’t worry, Dad. I normally remember sunscreen.) We’re getting great tan lines on our feet (I hope you’ll get the picture); I call them our “sister stripes.”

One of our hermanas, Hermana Loor, was on “house rest” for most of the week because of a bad knee, so we took turns staying home with her and doing exchanges. Hermanas Bazaes and Poyfair tackled the lessons, and I was in the house with Hermana Loor all of Tuesday, and it was a great chance to get to know her better. She’s from Ecuador, and she overcame so much to serve a mission. She’s pretty amazing.

We had a lesson with Miguelangelo on Tuesday. He accepted a baptismal date last week, and he’s been reading the Book of Mormon. He told Hermana Bazaes, “I really think this book is true.” Hermana Bazaes told him, “Well, if the book is true, then Joseph Smith was a prophet. If he was a prophet, this church is true.” He´s really seeking for truth, and I´m so excited to see him progress. He wants his family to hear the gospel too. 😀

We didn’t have a lunch appointment, so Hermana Bazaes made a really amazing lunch in the casa. 😀

Today we did exchanges with two amazing members, Hermanas Claudia and Cote. I tackled some appointments with Claudia, and Hermana Bazaes went with Cote. Claudia and I didn’t have much success with our lessons, but I was really happy to hear how things went with Hermana Bazaes and Cote. They met with Veronica, a mother who is seeing wonderful changes in her life because of the gospel. When her family visits her after we leave, they ask if “her hermanas” have come because she’s always happier. She’s sharing what she’s learning with her friends, and she truly has a brighter light in her face. It’s wonderful to see.

Wednesday marked three months in the field! Wahoo! 😀

We had a lesson with Hermana Martina, who is homebound. We always sing for her and share a thought. She’s been sick for a long time, but she’s progressing, and her faith is incredible.

Time is weird in the mission. The weeks just shoot by.

Zone Conference! I love our district and zone conferences, which is where the missionaries in this area come together to talk about our investigators, and our leaders share messages and counsel. It’s great. 😀

We had another lesson with Veronica, and the Spirit was so strong. She’s so much happier than when we first met her, and she´s making changes in her life. When we left the lesson, I told Hermana Bazaes, “It is a wonderful privilege to be a part of these changes in her life. I don’t want to be anywhere else.” It is truly a privilege to help others find greater hope, peace, and happiness. The mission is hard, obviously, but oh how great are the blessings!

We contacted most of Saturday and also miraculously had a lesson with a new investigator and a member.


I am so grateful for the opportunity to partake of the sacrament every week. It’s an opportunity to think about all the Savior has done for me and how I’ve grown.

We had a wonderful lesson about eternal families with one of our investigator families. They told us they feel happier and like we actually care about them, and they really like “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.”

I don’t have much more to say than I love you all! Remember who you are and trust in the Lord. He knows what needs to happen, and He loves you perfectly.

Until next week!

Hermana Saunders