Week 13: in which Hermana Saunders discovers the perfect diet plan

Dearest family and friends,

It’s simple, really: if you don’t have money for treats, you don’t buy them! Because we had 5 weeks instead of 4 this month, things were a little stretched. But don’t worry; I still had plenty to eat every day. I was only starved of chocolate.


This week we saw a perfect example of how good works can help others “glorify our Father which is in heaven” (Matt 5:16). Remember Hermana Angelina from a couple weeks ago? The district helped her paint the rooms in her house, and it brought so much more light and happiness into her home and her eyes. And her parents have noticed. When Hermana Angelina fell into a really rough time and went inactive, her family said “her church” would never help her, that she was on her own. (Her father is inactive as well.) We’ve had the opportunity to show them just how wrong they were, and when her daughter was injured this weekend, a sister in the ward stepped in to make sure Hermana Angelina had everything she needed. The example of love and the change it has wrought in Hermana Angelina has encouraged her parents to consider coming back to church. The miracles that love can bring are so very real.

Today is Halloween, and the only big event is some kind of Evangelical convention. Many people visit the graves of family members, and it’s a long weekend for school and work. It’s kinda nice except for the fact that everyone is traveling, so no one is home to teach! C’est la vie. 😉

I don’t have much more time left, but know that I’m well and that I love you all!! Remember that God loves you. Everything is in His capable and loving hands. And when you have doubts and questions, ask the source of all truth and knowledge. (James 1:5, 2 Ne 9:28-29) Be safe, be kind, be wise.

Hermana Saunders