Week 11: in which the hermanas fill a baptismal font with a coffee pot

Dearest family and friends,

More on the heading later. 😉

Perhaps the greatest miracle in this week was a very personal one. I was able to see the progress I’ve made and am making in the language and as a missionary. I feel more confident in the language, and Heavenly Father has given me opportunities to compare where I was al principio to where I am now. Every day I am grateful for the gift of tongues and the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

It rained pretty much all week, so I was very grateful for when I remembered to bring my umbrella and raincoat. Tuesday was intercambios, in which Hermana Bazaes swapped places with another missionary, Hermana Rico, and we worked with different companions that day. Which meant that I led the sector and led the way to lessons…I’m still struggling to remember where everything is, so that was…interesting. But it wasn’t a bad day, and Hermana Rico said I did well. I’m always grateful for the support of the other missionaries in the zone. 🙂

We had a baptism on Saturday! David Torres was baptized. It was a crazy day, but the service was great, and the confirmation on Sunday was a sweet experience. The ward has been really great with welcoming him, and there is a much brighter light in his face now. It is wonderful to see.

So, funny story about this day: the bishop, who normally fills the baptismal font, wasn’t able to because he was in the hospital with his son, who broke his wrist. So it was our job, two hermanas who had never done this before. Once we finally figured out how to plug the font, we started filling it…but the water was ice-cold. And dirty. Once we finally figured out how to get hot water, we drained what we had filled and started again with hot water…which came in a thin little stream. At this point we had two hours to fill the font. We needed FOUR. And the water was still mostly cold. So we found a coffee pot in the Relief Society closet and used it to augment the process. The hot water heater in the chapel is very localized, so we hopped between heating up the water in the coffee pot and dumping it into the font and then filling the pot again and heating it up and then…yeah. You get the picture. Added to that was the fact that we also hopped between the font and a Relief Society activity down the hall. It was nuts, but all’s well that ends well. 😛

Sunday was a day of miracles. We had seven investigators in the chapel! Enrique, who normally works during sacrament meeting, was able to take that singular hour and join his son and girlfriend, Cheril, in the chapel. Hermana Bazaes and I were so excited! We had also invited another investigator, Veronica, at the beginning of the week. Several missionaries in the past have invited her, but she always said no. But this time she came! AND she brought a friend!! I think this is what made a huge difference: in first lesson with her this week, we planned to talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We had talked about faith and repentance when she started talking about the problems she has with her family. Hermana Bazaes asked if we could sing a song for her, and we sang “Families Can Be Together Forever.” The Spirit was much stronger afterwards, and we spent several minutes talking about how the gospel blesses families. She accepted the invitation to come to church, and there was a new light in her face and a difference in how she listened to us. I am so grateful that my companion is so close to the Spirit.

On Sunday we also met with Olga, the older sister of Catalina and David. We had planned to meet with Carlos, a friend of theirs, but he wasn’t able to come. Olga was visiting, and she had a LOT of questions. After we talked with Catalina about her baptism, we taught the first lesson to Olga, who listened with interest and accepted another lesson. I`m so excited for this family, and I can see with each visit how the gospel is blessing their family. The mother is a great missionary and is so happy that her children are finally accepting the gospel into their lives.

Also, perhaps one of the greatest blessings of the mission is the opportunity to feast from the word of God daily. I am beginning to understand Alma’s (?) words when he said that the word “beginneth to be delicious unto me.” It truly is, and I find so much peace and joy in studying daily and then sharing what I’ve learned. I’m grateful for companionship study as well. I love the time that we have to share what we’ve learned; it’s brought us closer as companions and has strengthened my testimony. The missionary program and schedule is truly inspired, and every day I gain a greater love for the work that I have an opportunity to participate in.

I love you all!! Be safe, be kind, and be grateful. Remember who you are!

Hermana Saunders