Week 9: in which Hermana Saunders learns much

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Dearest family and friends,
We had a pretty slow week, with only a few new investigators and one or two lessons with members. This week we are fully resolved to work together, to stay busy and find families to teach. I really appreciate my companion. She is strong and happy, and she loves the gospel and this work. She has taught me much in the past few weeks.





Yesterday was the first day I actually felt like I was doing well. People have told me that for a while, but it was hard for me to believe until yesterday. I don’t know what exactly clicked, but something did, and I believe this confidence is a gift from God. I was able to watch Conference in English on Saturday, which was an incredible blessing and a bit of a miracle. Then, on Sunday, I couldn’t watch it in English, but through the gift of understanding tongues, I followed much more than I thought possible. I’m grateful for all I’ve learned in this past week.



I believe that last night, we had a “fourth floor, last door” (Pres Uchtdorf, Gen Women`s conference) experience. All evening we looked for people, but no one answered their door. 8:30 pm found us with no lessons and no contacts. We were knocking doors in one neighborhood, and it just didn’t feel right. Not bad, just like we were needed elsewhere. We finally moved to a different neighborhood, where we looked for a referral from a member. The referral’s daughter, Raquel, answered the door. We ended up teaching her a short, ten-minute lesson, and she agreed to meet with us later. I don’t know exactly how the next lesson will go, but I’m excited to teach her.




Please pray that the members of our ward will feel a desire to join in the missionary work, especially in terms of visiting and home teaching. The RS president told us that the numbers are really low, and we have between 15 and 20 pages of less-active/non-active sisters. I feel like we have a responsibility to help the sisters in the ward go after these lost sheep, their sisters. And members who are of the age: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your visiting and home teaching! How amazing it would be if we could give every member of the church a friend. You literally hold in your hands the ability to help people find salvation. Reach out to those around you. I know that God will bless you with time and ability to fulfill this calling if you work hard. I know this is important to Him because they are His children, your brothers and sisters.




We always ask people if we can do anything for them, and if they ask what, Hermana Bazaes says, ” Well, we could paint your house or something.” It’s kind of a joke, but this week, TWO sisters actually want help with painting their houses! We laughed pretty hard.






The mission is full of new experiences, and one thing I never thought I would need to get used to was honks and whistles in the street. I suppose that’s the life of gringa sister in Chile. 😛 Drunk old men say interesting things.




If you didn’t watch all of Conference, make it a priority to watch every session ASAP. It was so powerful, and I came away from it very uplifted and with so much energy. I love Conference! I wish I could take all of the energy I feel now and imbue it into the members. Again, we literally have the tools for their salvation! Take any chance you get to go with the missionaries. Do your visiting and home teaching. Share with your friends and family what you learn on Sundays and in your personal study. Share this wonderful message of hope and peace with the people around, and live the gospel every day.


I love you all! Be safe and be kind, and remember who you are!

Hermana Saunders