Week 3: In which Hermana Saunders makes a PBJ with a paper towel

Dearest family and friends,

I’ll explain the title in a bit. 😉 It’s been a pretty good week, full of learning experiences. It’s still hard to get up early; what with the time difference, I’m actually getting up around the same time that I did at home. Ah, well. I love what I do, and I’m grateful for this opportunity. I’m pretty sure it rained every day this week, and sometimes we didn’t see it coming until it was right on top of us.

The tienda is a pretty great place 😀

Okay. The title. Hermana Clark’s parents sent her a big bag full of groceries (long story behind that), and it included a loaf of bread, PB, and jelly. Hermana Clark is always willing to share, and last night I just really wanted a PBJ. However, we did not have any kind of utensil in the classroom. So we made do. Hermana Clark came up with the brilliant idea to fold a paper towel into a stiff rectangle and use that to spread the PB and J. It worked, and I was a very happy sister that night.

The choir is singing the EFY medley for next week. I’m so excited! It’s one of my favorites, and it’s a pretty powerful song. I loved it when we sang it with the institute choir this year.

[Mexico City Temple Visitor Center -AnnMarie]
Cool thing: I have met FIVE people from southern Utah! I had a class with two sisters at SUU, two elders went to my high school, and one of the new elders in my zone went to Desert Hills. Small world. 😀

Hermana Talbert caught a pretty bad cold earlier this week, which means that everyone in our room is sick to some degree. We’ve been sniffling and coughing all week, but thankfully it’s not too bad.

Biggest news: Hermana Clark and I were assigned to be sister training leaders this Sunday. This means that we have the specific responsibility to lift, encourage, and help the other sisters in our zone. We work with the district and zone leaders to make sure that any problem is addressed properly, and if we can, we help the sisters. It’s fun. On Wednesday we got to meet the two new districts who came in on Tuesday. There’s a lot of missionaries, a lot of new names. O.o We’re praying for help to remember names.

One of my favorite places at the visitor’s center. We went to the temple in the morning today.

President Tenorio, the MTC president, shared an incredible story on Sunday. Because of extraneous circumstances, his wife gave birth to their first child while he was at work in a different city. He couldn’t get to her that day or the next, but he called her and celebrated the next day by handing chocolates out to his coworkers. As he was handing them out, he received a call with sad news: his wife was fine, but their daughter had passed away that day, and there wasn’t time to fly him there before the funeral. After ensuring that his wife was okay both physically and emotionally, he hung up the phone and continued handing out chocolates. A coworker asked how he could continue handing out chocolates with a smile after he had just lost his daughter. He talked to the coworker later about something wonderful called the Plan of Salvation. Because Heavenly Father loves us, and because families are so important, He has provided a way for families to be together forever. The wonderful relationships we have now do not end at death. Pres. Tenorio’s daughter is saved and in heaven, where one day they will meet again in a joyous reunion. This plan brings me hope and peace for the future. Because of the blessings of the temple, my family is tied together for eternity. The pain, unfairness, and tragedy of this life is swallowed up in the atonement, death, and resurrection of Christ, whose sacrifice allows for healing in this life too. How grateful I am for this knowledge, and how excited I am to share this good news with others.

[Editor’s note: If you want to hear President Tenorio tell this story in his own words, you can read or watch it here, when he told it in the October 2007 General Conference. It’s about halfway through the talk. -AnnMarie]

The visitor’s center has all kinds of cool rooms. This one was modeled after buildings in old Jerusalem. The pic doesn’t do it justice, but it was beautiful.
I love you all! Remember that when you are grateful, you have everything, but when you always want more, you have nothing. Be kind, and remember who you are!

Hermana Saunders


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