Week 1 (and some change): In which Hermana Saunders learns how to missionary

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Dearest family and friends,

First off, some vocab for those unfamiliar with missionary life:
CCM: the missionary training center in Mexico City
district: a group of missionaries that learn, eat, and do activities together. In the CCM, the districts are much smaller
District leader: elder in charge of the district. He’s supposed to keep us on task, but that doesn’t always happen. 😉
field: meaning the mission field, after training
P-day: preparation day, which happens once a week, in which we do laundry, clean the casa, write home, and do other activities. In the CCM, we don’t have classes on this day.
investigator: someone who isn’t a memeber [sic] but is interested in learning about the gospel

I love the CCM! The grounds and weather are beautiful, and we spend quite a bit of time outside because we walk everywhere on campus. Honestly, it feels like a college campus, probably due to the fact that it was originally an LDS boarding school. I love being busy doing good things, and I get along well with everyone in my district. 😀 My district is:
Hermana (Sister in Spanish) Clark, who is beautiful, fun, and patient with me. She’s my companion, which means that we’re together 24/7. She’s great with drawing designs.
Elder Fonbuena, who is a gymnast and really laid back. Also a hard worker.
Elder Payne, E. Fonbuena’s comp. Also laid back and loves to dance. (He went to Skyview!!)
Elder Ivory, who is already good with Spanish in general. He loves 3D printing.
Elder Lavender, E. Ivory’s current comp. (The companions of both E. Ivory and Lavender went home within the first week. We’re praying for both of them and miss them.) He’s a cool guy, very personable and responsible. He’s acting as the DL right now, his former companion went home. 😦
Elder Parmley loves sports and jokes around a lot. (Actually, all of the elders do. Not unusual.)
Elder Howard, E. Parmley’s comp. He makes a lot of jokes but gets his stuff done.

On the first day here, we unpacked, met our companions, ate dinner, and attended a devotional. We started classes on our second day. And they drop us right into the work and speaking Spanish. In the morning we learned a bit of Spanish, and that afternoon we taught an investigator–in Spanish. Or at least attempted to. It was a really rough lesson, but Hna. Clark and I were just so excited that we actually did it that we didn’t feel too bad. 🙂 We pretty much do as much as we can in Spanish, which is hard but good for us.

A normal day for a missionary in the CCM is taken up mostly by studying the language and the gospel, or what we’re going to teach in the field. We get up at 6:30 am, and then it’s a packed day until we go to bed at 10:30 (or at least try to, we don’t always make it to bed on time…) We teach investigators almost every day. This week we taught one investigator, next week we’ll teach two different people. My Spanish is improving, but I realize that I have a very long way to go.

I flew with a sister who’s [sic] cousins worked with me at SUU! We weren’t able to get a picture together yet (we’re allowed to take pics only on P-days), but I thought it was really cool.

Sundays are wonderful. We have the regular three meetings (sacrament, Sunday school, and Relief Society) with our zones, which consist of a bunch of districts. Our zone leaders are great, Elders Porter and Snyder are a lot of fun and genuinely care about the missionaries they’re over.

My biggest challenge here is getting anywhere on time. It is SO hard to get up in the morning, and then all day I have trouble being on time. H. Clark and I are working on it, and I pray for help every day. I’ve gotten better, thanks to a little help from Heavenly Father.

Coolest thing of the week: we watched a missionary devotional that was broadcasted from the training center in Provo, where a lot of my friends are right now. I looked for Sister Robertson and Elder Meanea, but I couldn’t find them. It was so cool to think that we were watching the same thing at the same time, and I felt closer to friends that I miss. Plus, when we sang the opening and closing hymns, it was a very powerful feeling of unity. It was great. 😀

Time is almost up. I probably left out a bunch, but know that I love you all!! Be safe, and remember who you are!

Hermana Saunders

Week 1 (1)

Week 1 (2)
The picture with 4 girls is me and my roommates. H. Clark and I share a room with another companionship. We get along really well, and we’ve enjoyed our time together. 😀

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